Revolutionary E-Z File Fastener – Filing Made Simple!

SKU # EZ-2913, Converts any folder into a loose-leaf format

Searching for a quicker way to file?

Charts & Carts revolutionary EZ-File fastener is a unique clip that converts any file folder into a loose-leaf format (3 ring
binder concept).  Filing made simple.  The EZ-File offers a multitude
of benefits over traditional metal fasteners including:

  • Converts any file folder into a loose-leaf format.
  • Eliminates need to remove all the pages when interfiling.
  • Huge 2″ filing capacity 
  • Smooth finish protects holes – better than metal fasteners
  • Documents can be read like a book. 
  • View complete documents without the crimping factor of metal clips
  • Documents can be copied without being removed from folder
  • Slim profile – does not add bulk to the file
  • The EZ- File base can be pre-installed at the factory

Contact the experts at Charts & Carts to discuss how our revolutionary EZ-File fastener can
dramatically improve the retrieval speed of your record system.