Chart Binder Sheet Lifters

Sheet lifters make documents in your chart binder easier to manage.

Charts & Carts Sheet lifters make the documents in your chart binders easier to manage. Sheet lifters serve the important purpose of keeping pages in the center of the chart binder when it closes, preventing tears and damage.

Simply place these plastic
inserts outside of your pages, next to the binder cover. Two (2) sheet lifters per set.

Charts & Carts offers sheet lifters for both Open Side and Open Top binders.

  • SKU # SL-2100 for 1″, 1.5″ & 2″ Open Side Chart Binders
  • SKU # SL-2102 for 3″ & 4″ Open Top Chart Binders
  • SKU # SL-2101 for all Open Top Chart Binders